Entre no mundo de Warside e lute para conseguir recursos. Neste shooter de ficção cientifica você poderá criar seus soldados de elite e lutar junto com seu clã em batalhas online. Prepare-se para dominar a galáxia!



  • Warside 18/08/2016 10:27

    Get your exclusive packs

    Hi everybody,
    In Warside you have the possibility to get your exclusive pack so you can make a good start to the beta! Each pack contains exclusive items that you will be able to use once the game is released!
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  • Warside 11/08/2016 8:57

    Subscribe to our Youtube channel and enjoy our Gameplay videos


    Hi everyone:

    We would like to show you our latest gameplay videos, so you can get ready for the beta which will come out very soon.
    Subscribe to our Youtube channel or check the media section on our website so you don't miss anything. Check out the tutorial, some battles or what characters you can choose from.